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I love my fish.

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Sorry for the crummy pictures. I think my fish love me??

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lol my fish grill at me like that when they are hungry . they eat more that me
i dont know anything about africans and i have never kept them but those are great fish/pictures.
Limnochromis auritus! Wow, fancy seeing anyone keeping them! Specs, please. How many do you have? How long have you had them? Are they spawning for you?
I love them. Wanted some first time I laid eyes on the in a book but could never find them. :D
I have a shot like that. Yours are better though.

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My first quad of Limnachromis Auritus lived over five years. These are my second quad. I have never had them breed. I have had these three years. I have been thinking about mixing them with my Geo's. They are very shy at times. They get to know who lives with them. When guests come to visit, they hide.
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