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I learned my lesson. I tried 12 Demasoni and 4 Yellow Labs from Tampa Bay Cichlids in a 40-gallon breeder. Against most of the advice I found here in the forums. It seemed ok for the first week. Then I went on vacation for a week.

It was a catastrophe. I am not sure what happened. Water parameters were good when I came back. Nitrates were a little high - time for a water change but everything else was at 0. Temperature was steady at 80 degrees. I am not sure if it was just aggression or what. But I am down to 3 labs and 1 demasoni.

Filtration is 2 SunSun 303b canister filters and one Aquaclear 70. Tons of rocks to hid in. PFS substrate.

Next steps - figure out what happened so it doesn't happen again. I am sitting next to a 75 gallon that is ready to go. I am going to swap out the tanks, clean everything up and put the survivors in their new home. Then I will look to restocking and NOT losing almost all the fish this time.

I have been studying the cookie cutter setups. I think what I have settled on going forward is:

  • Pseudotropheus Socolofi x 4
    Labidochromis Yellow lab X 4
    Cynotilapia Afra x 4
    Metriaclima Cherry Red Zebra x 4
    Synodontis x 5/6

Any thoughts on my future stocking plans would be appreciated as well. Any other suggestions are welcome as well. Needs to be colorful and active enough to entertain the 2 year old. :) I don't want to screw this up this time around.

Thank you

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