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I know you guys can help..

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I`ve had for around 5 years a colony of 25 Chimbas in a 55 g tank.Needless to say, they`ve matured, multiplied, and I`ve lost a few over the years.I probably still have 20+ in the tank.I am proud that I could keep this many Tropheus for so long.

I had contemplated culling some males and selling them, however I have no experience in shipping fish.

My other option is that I have a 150 g tank that is running with peacocks and haps in it.I had thought about doing something with the fish in the 150 and then putting my colony of Chimbas in the 150.

If i were to do this,I obviously have the water chemistry setup for Malawis.How would I go about getting the chemistry right for the Tropheus?

I am open to any suggestions.

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I don't do anything different for my Malawians and Tangs. But, I live in Iowa and because of the South Dakota aquifer our water is very hard. Can't keep apistos that is for sure...without R/O.

All I would do would be take the other fish out and do a water change...a big one 40% or so then move them when the temp is the same as the tank they are in.

You don't mention pH or kH for the tank(s). Do you use Tang or Malawi salts for each respective tank?? If so, just remove the Malawians do a water change then use the other salt. Shouldn't be that big a deal to get this done though.
what i do: increase your water change routine, but instead of disposing of the tropheus water, transfer it into the hap tank as you dispose of water from there. within a few changes, your water will be similar enough, in both tanks, to transfer fish from one to other without any consequence. i do this all in the same day if i need to. consider it a 'big drip method' for fast acclimation.
shipping fish can be a tough one time deal. you'll need insulated boxes, heat packs, oxygen, etc. local sales, or LFS store credits, are much simpler, IMO. HTH.
Love to see a photos of the set up. I am not saying you are not telling porkys but thats such a major achievement I need to see proof. 8)
If the water and filtration is good enough for breeding Malawi mbuna, I would not hesitate much in moveing Trpoh to a bigger tank. :thumb:
I`ll try to get you a pic. on when I get home tonite.
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