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Now I read you need egg crate? to place your large rocks on. What is the maximum weight capacity that a tank can withstand?
You don't need eggcrate IMHO, as the tank bottom will hold more rocks than you could possibly put in there.

My other questions is when I was vacuumin today I nudge some of the rocks and almost had a tumbling accident, I want to glue them one on top of each other.
You might try something like this, but the rocks you have in there now don' t look very heavy and shouldn't cause any problems if they topple. Even if you got more of the same and stacked them up, I don't think there's any chance it'd break either the tank bottom or sides. Rocks in an aquarium are somewhat buoyant, and really don't fall all that hard. Keep in mind if you adhere them together, it may make cleaning in the tank more difficult.
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