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I have been keeping cichlids for the past 6 or 7 years and have had great success. However I currently have a Happ (can't remember the name exactly) that refuses to eat and has not eaten for going on 3 weeks.

It is about 4 inches long, I have had him for roughly 4 months.

The tank is 75 gallons with 8 mbuna, 3 hap, and 2 red devils (I know, they were a rescue and I have plans for another tank when they get too large).

All of the fish are roughly the same in size and surprisingly do not fight much at all. (My tetra tank has more split fins!)

I started to notice him spitting out food and not swallowing it. I started trying different foods (6 in total)

He was very active and looked completely normal (color,weight,breathing, etc.)
Poop looked normal other than it being white and maybe a little thinner than usual

Water parameters are always kept perfect (trust me) and I do roughly 30-50% water changes twice a week. Tank has plenty of aeration and flow.

After 1 week of him not eating while everyone else seems just fine I treated the entire tank with Melafix.
After seeing no improvements a couple days later, I treated the tank with Clout since I was suspecting it could be the beginning of bloat.
After 4 days of treatment he still refused food while all others were completely fine.
I decided to move him to a 5 gallon bucket (No extra tanks on hand) with some fake plants, a heater and an airstone.
I do 50-75% water changes daily since there is no filter.

After he was in the tank a couple days with still no improvement I treated with Clout again (only 3/4 the recommended dose), just to be safe.
It has been a week since his last treatment and he is still refusing to eat, infact, he will not even acknowledge food is infront of his face.
He is not as active now but I suspect that has more to do with being in a 5 gallon bucket.

He still looks just fine, no blot, color looks good.

What should I do? I am tempted to put him back in the tank since maybe he will eat again if he sees other fish eating and realizes he is starving himself.
But I also do not want to expose my other fish to any disease that may have survived about a week of clout treatments combined.
Maybe put a small guppy with him and see if that gets him hungry (although I'd hate to do that to a guppy)?
I am at a loss

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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No, I have seen it open it's mouth to 'yawn' a couple times since it hasn't been eating and it didn't look like it is holding anything in there. I'm afraid to take it out of the water and force it's mouth open though lol
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