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Hypsophrys nicaraguensis

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Hello everyone, *** kept one of these beauties now for just over 4month's, it's a male around 5" now but *** noticed that he spend's a lot of his time digging away the sfot gravel and flaring his gills and fins and sometime attacking his reflection at the tank bottom.

Anyone know if this is normal behaviour? and had experience of keeping these fish.

His home is a 48"x24"x30" 150g share's it with 8 Angels 1 Rainbow Cichlid and various Tetras.

The man himself.
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Nice set up and beautiful nic . Digging to some degree or another is normal behavour for a lot of cichlid species. The gill flaring is a sign of agression , but in this case it sounds like yours is just trying to show who owns that particular patch of sand. As long as the nic doesn't get violent then all should be well, just keep an eye on him cause if he's got a tendency to be very teritorial then the flaring could escalate to all out mayhem. Fortunatly nics are pretty calm so it shouldn't be an issue , but all cichlids are different with their own personalities so just watch him and be prepared to intervene just in case.
From my own experience with nics (great fish, by the way), I agree with everything Joel said.
The reason you've noticed a change in his attitude and actions is because he's now mature :thumb:

I also agree with the previous posts, great fish! I have a few... :lol:
thank's for the response's all, explains a lot and now Iam a bit wiser :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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