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Hi, guys!

I need help, plz.

When my cichlid are hyperventilating, I can be sure they will die in a day or two. The symptom are :
1. They stop eating
2. Starts to hyperventilate
3. Go to the bottom of the tank or hide between the rock and plants
4. Then they die.

I lost about 10 to 15 fish like this over the last 6 months. Treated the tank with a product called Cuprazin. Helps for Whitespot, Oodinium and fungus. It helped a bit. Went down to about one fish a month now, but that means something is still not right. I've got two filters that hangs and a big airstone. So I think there's enough oxygen.

Can anyone plz help me. I don't know what to do anymore.


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What are the water parameters on the tank?

You're describing classic symptoms of internal parasites. Have you noticed any white stringy feces?

What were the ingredients in the treatments that you used?

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