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Huge surprise, my first fry ever.

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i know probably not a big deal to most of you guys, but i really had no intention of spawning any of my cichlids. a few of my labs and my fryeri held in the past, but they always ate the babies up im assuming because i never found any.

well, one of my yellow labs was holding again, so i throw her in a 10 gallon planted that is filled with overgrown java moss balls and java ferns and tons of hiding places. there is also a few small black skirts and some spawning guppies.

well she spit last week and i assumed that all the babies were again eaten because i counted 7 or so floating skeletons and debris, plus her tummy looked a little full. i took mama out and the babies are starting to slowly emerge.

a few days ago i saw the first little baby, and it surprised me. he looks pretty developed already and gaining color. i was sure that most were already killed.

yesterday i notice theres another one hiding on the opposite side of the tank. i drop a bunch of crushed flake into the tank and they dodge out from the moss and grab bites.

tonight i dropped a bunch of flake in again, and holy sh1t there has to be at least 7 of them in there now. they are even starting to flash on eachother and battle for territory. they look like fiesty little guys. the tetras seem to ignore them.

how much longer until i get some color up in them? its been hot as **** recently the tanks been a good 82-84 for the past couple days, that musta helped them.
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Congratulations :thumb: Post some more pics when they get a little size and more color to them. I bet baby labs are really cute.
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