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HRP "Rio Danli" - EXCITED

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So I won an auction tonight for some HRP "Rio Danli" fry, fish were caught by Rusty Wessel.

They should be coming to me at about 1.5"-2", and I'm really excited (my first time having fish shipped to me), so much so that I'm setting up a 20L for them for the time being.

Here's a picture of mom and dad

Hoping to get a nice pair out of them!

And yes, MonteSS, I'm still interested in your HRP fry once they get to be .75" :p
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Just thought I'd share :)
Nice pickups. They should be beauties.

Thanks bill, there are 5 of them coming in from 1.5-1.75" tomorrow, 2M/3F. Will post pics as soon as they arrive (before 3pm)
Take it back, they're coming tuesday, waiting on a money order (ugh) - in the meantime I got the 20L set up (had the iron stand backwards with the 37 on top so had to drain the 37 and slide it forward so i could put the 20L in from the back - talk about annoying) and the cories and fry (starting to get bigger!) are loving it thus far. I'll post a few pics of the 20L once the sand clears up!
im glad things are looking up for you since you last inceindent, cant wait to see them!
HawkinsStu said:
im glad things are looking up for you since you last inceindent, cant wait to see them!
Thanks hawkins - yeah since the 90 "went down" I've had the opportunity to keep more fish, and more tanks.

Though when I took the oscar back to the store I got him from, they thought he might've been the runt of the batch, because from the end of august to january he only grew like 2", with 40% weekly changes and 2x daily feeding of pellets.

Anyways - these guys should be really gorgeous, and I can say for sure where they were collected from which is really nice :)
Okay here's the 20L, the sand is still clearing up but it's 100% better from yesterday, I'll get a good picture once everything is set and the fish come in

made as many hiding spots as possible
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Hi Chubbs the Jellybean,

The tank looks good.

I like the piece of driftwood in the back right corner; however, you could angle it where the left side is still against the back wall and the right site is forward against the right wall and hide your sponge filter behind the piece of wood.

Just an idea to hide some equipment; purely aesthetic choice.

Thanks Matt,

I wish I could move that piece of wood but if I lean it against the glass (tried it) it falls forward because it's really top heavy :?

these HRPs can't come soon enough :lol:
Ps here's a video of the convict fry I decided to grow out in my 20 long. They're about a month old, took them from mom about 2 weeks ago, they're growing like weeds and just started getting their bars. I'll probably keep one of them but when the HRPs come in I'm going to move a couple to the 37 with the rams, once one of them is around 1" I'll move it back to the 20 long, just want to raise a second generation :)

I apologize in advance for the bad quality, I took it with my iPhone
Okay so ignore that video, wow, I'll take a better one and snap pics of the whole process when the HRPs come in (tuesday before 3pm) including unboxing
They arrived!

Okay here's a play by play - they're about to be released into the tank now but i thought I'd share the unboxing!

The box of the unknown!

Bubble wrap!

Everyone is in their own bag, jumping around

HRP #1

HRP #2

HRP #3

HRP #4 (and my favorite thus far)

HRP #5

The tank with the bags

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Ps - it's 2 males and 3 females if the seller was correct (last two should be males)
Gratz. Good luck with them.

Hi Chubbs the Jellybean,

They look great; despite the stress of traveling in bags they still have great colors. I am sure they will look even better as they settle in and darken up.

Thanks to you both! That means a lot coming from the two of you :D

Pretty sure I'm keeping #4 regardless :lol:
Nice South Americans :thumb:
Actually they're from honduras which is a republic in central america :wink:
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