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how to tell wild from tank breed

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i was wondering how do tell if the fish are wild caught or tank breed and label as wc. i really like to have some wc but just afraid i will get rip off. the price seem right for wc but the pics tell a different story.
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With some species (rare) there are marked differences. In the majority, the differences are more subtle.

All too often I see supposed wild caught fish and they are huge, healthy, fat with perfectly normal coloration. I get suspicious... In my experience, if there is doubt, there is reason for the doubt and I tend to pass on the purchase. As any fisherman can tell you... wild fish look rougher than tank raised domestics!

What I suspect is either a full lie, or a partial. A partial lie could be as innocent as cases where they are actually captive reared fish or could be that they are somethig else... e.g. tank raised but bred pond side, etc. With some species, "wild caught" are almost always actually captive reared! e.g. Tricoti

Full lies are all too common... F1s sold as WC, F3s as F1s etc.
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