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how to tell demansoni from saulosi?

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hey iveen looking at some pics of demansoni n salousi when they small and they look alot to each other how can i tell them apart my lfs has some fish label as demansoni but they dont know much about africans there i just wanna make sure im gettin what it says im gettin i want some demansoni help me out please thanks...
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as juveniles/ when young Saulosi are yellow-orange, males start to turn blue-purple with some vertical black bars when they are getting mature, males can be inbetween yellow and blue, yellowish with a blue tint and faint bars.

Demasoni ALWAYS have thick black bars on a neon royal blue body, whether female or male or young. Sometimes the color can be faded somewhat when they are uncomfortable.

They really are not hard to tell apart. Only a really nice Saulosi male looks anything like a Demasoni. Saulosi males are not as dark as a Demasoni nor are really as attractive as Demasoni generally.

Saulosi have marked sexual dimorphism, in which males and females are different colors.
ok thanks for the help i guess ill be pickin up some demansoni tomorrow :D
Fry and juvie demasoni pics. Hope this helps.
3 mth old juvie
The yellow lab is a 3 mth old juvie as well.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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