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Hi all

Was just looking for some advice on how I should stock my tanks.

This is the tanks I currently have available.

2 x 4ft 75g
1 x 5ft 100g
1 x 2ft 20g
1 x 2ft 28g (2ft high)

Currently stocked as follows.

4 x Black calvus
13 x paracyps
2 x N. Brevis.

10 x Cyp. mpulungu
3 x Gold Comps.
5 x Juli marlieri gombe.

6 N. Multi's and fry.

1x 4ft and 1 x 2ft empty.

soon to have a pair or more of gold ocellatus.

All tanks are doing well. (except for the gold comps in the 4ft). They have been chased to 1 end of the 4ft away from where the Juli's breed. The cyps are allowed up the Juli's end as long as they do not venture too near to the bottom. The Comps are all in 1 end of the tank. where 1 of them keeps the other 2 holed up in the corner. Whenever they try to venture out he chases them back.

How would you arrange these fish if you had these fish and tanks available to you??


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Or what if you switch the inhabitants of the 5 foot tank and the 4 foot tank? Maybe the extra foot would allow the calvus and the julies to co-exist? Fogelhund is the expert though...I'm barely started with Tangs.

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With Tangs, if something is working, I've learned just to leave it alone. You could move a group of coexisting fish in a 75 gallon, to the 75 gallon beside them, move all the rocks, and put them in the same place, and sometimes they just stop getting along.

I've always found it is best to fix problems, and leave what is working as is.
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