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how to quite an aquaclear hob?

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ok i have 2 ac50s(aka 300s) anyways 1 is super loud and 1 is not.. yesterday i went and tore both apart to see if anything was different, there not, both impelers are the same too, there both perfect. my question is why is 1 loud when the others not...

also if it makes a difference the loud one has a hard time starting after the power has been shut off.
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bones06 said:
When mine was making noise I found that the lid over the top was causing it. It eventually stopped after I played with the fit.
At one point I set something on the lid to make it quit rattling. Eventually I just took it off (though that has drawbacks... more water evaporates which can also lead to mineral deposits)

-Rick (the armchair aquarist)
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