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How to cut thin (3/32") glass

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I'm trying to make a glass top for a 20 gallon sump. I have some extra 3/32" glass lying around that was supposed to be used for picture frames but I went with acrylic for those. Anyone have any experience cutting glass this thin? I've cut thicker glass before (3/16"). I know it's annealed because it said so when I bought it.
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I've cut glass that thin in the normal manner using a glass cutter. Be more gentle than normal?
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*** cut glass from 1/8" to 13mm.. Its all the same. Lay down a good straight edge and make sure it stays on your mark that your scoring. Use a quality glass scoring tool and make 1 - only 1 good score. I put a towel over edge of countertop, thats exactly straight. and the glass will snap perfectly along score line. It can help, to have a person apply good pressure to glass on counter. Then you can use both hands to snap glass hanging over at score line. I used a bit thicker glass, because I used aquarium side pieces, for my baffles. Years back I was given a bunch of glass and started to cutting. 1 of the pieces was tempered lol WOW, a lot of little pieces.
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