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Just a quick question, I had a used 55g tank that I bought through craigslist for pretty cheap. The guy said it never had a leak but I was a bit weary cause it was like 10 years old. I filled it up outside my house with just water and I didn't notice any leaks so I figured it was good to go. Brought it inside today and put my eggcrate down with a bit of sand to fill the holes, then put it around 100 - 120 pounds of rock that I was using, followed by a bit more sand. Then I filled the thing up for the first time inside and within minutes noticed a leak from one of the corners. I quickly drained out all the water, removed all the rocks and sand, and took the tank back outside.

I'm not too worried about it leaking, I figured it might. I'm selling the tank to a friend who is using it for a turtle and is going to reseal the seems but I'm keeping the hood with the light and I'm just going to buy a brand new tank.

Now, do you think the rock had anything to do with it. My first thought was that it was an old tank and in the process of moving it around the last few days I might have cracked part of the plastic base on the bottom, because I noticed it was cracked a little. I've seen tanks with more rock than mine though so I really don't think it was a weight issues. Not to mention the rock displaces a fair amount of water. Here's a pic of the tank so you can get an idea of how much rock I had in there (this pic is just with the eggcrate and a little sand in the bottom and the rocks laid out - no water yet):

Here's a close up of the left around right sides of the tank:

Just wanted to know if I'll have a problem with a brand new tank using all that rock. I'm just buying a standard 55g tank from a nearby pet store - nothing fancy.
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