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how much does a 150 weigh?

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Last night I bought a 150, metal stand and 2 AC 500's for $150. What a great deal I thought. Well, I'm 5'7" and my two buddies are about an inch or two talled than me, I weigh 140 and they're built just a little heavier than me. I thought we could do it, one guy is a farmer and I work there on weekends and during the sumemr when I'm not teaching. We had to go across the street to a bar to recruit a guy to help us get it up my stairs to my second floor apt. Now the thing has no center brace, there never was one, it's made with 1/2" glass. If we had to get a dinosaur into that apt it would have been easier I think. Anyone have any idea how much these old school tanks weigh?
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I would say a rough estimate would be about 150-200 lbs empty. Full of water decor etc about 1800 lbs.
I was wrong, the glass is 3/4". and 15-200 is a bad estimate, 150-200 I could have pushed it up the stairs myself :D We are thinking more like 3-400lbs. Anyone with a little knowledge on glass out there?
I have a 4' x 2' x 2' 120 gal tank... the front/back/bottom are 5/8â€
Just found this website, very handy - Since it's 3/4", the tank is 433 lbs. I knew it was heavy, but that is crazy heavy.
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