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How much aggression is too much?

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Some of our fish are more aggressive than others, and I know that they go through phases at spawning or feeding time. I've seen many forum members say "he was too aggressive" and the fish was removed. What criteria did you use to make that decision?

I was trying to wait until I saw actual physical damage to the victim to make the call- in this case, a split in the caudal fin. However, when I removed the aggressor, the victim's fin healed back in only a day and a half! That was great but now am facing the question above. Any and all input appreciated.
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It will be a very personal decision sometimes. There are some fish in my tank I've considered taking out and whipping just cause they need it! Others I love and cherish. For me a fish that is hanging in the corner or hiding very often, needs to be moved to prevent stress causing illness. I move thme before they get sick.
sometimes thats the only warning you get before scooping a dead fish off your tank.. specially in CAs hehe.
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