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How many rocks for calvus?

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Thinking of starting a tank for a pair of calvus. What kind of aquascaping is preferred by the calvus?

I have about wore out the search button trying to find some example of peoples calvus tank shots, but all I keep coming up with is pics of individual fish. Do they likeas many rocks as mbuna? Flowerpots? Just a few boulders here and there?
Any tips or pics of your calvus tanks would really help. My first go with tangs so wanna try and know a little more before I jump in.
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Crevices. Rocks leaning against other rocks to allow for a small crevice that they can slip into. That's also where they'll spawn although my females like shells big enough for them, but too small for the male.
Thanks prov, your the man, I don't care what djransome says about you!

J/k - DJ never said anything bout you. :lol:
Darn right. Mine choose shells over rocks as well. The breeders use whelk shells standing on end.

They don't need a tank full of rocks like mbuna...just a pile.
Thanks DJ, here is where I am at so far. Figured I will try and get some more rocks tomorrow to try make the rock pile higher and form more caves for them.

If any of you calvus keepers out there wanna through out some pointers feel free! :lol:

Still a little cloudy since I just had filled it up prior to this photo. Still need a background and am thinking of either painting it or just using a black trash bag.
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I'd add some shells for the females and plan to limit to one male.
Thats the plan so far. This all I had laying around so I just dropped them in and figured I could go shell shopping today or tomorrow and see what I can find.
Go to your local arts and craft store. It will save you some money on the shells. :thumb:
I'd put rocks on the other side of the tank as well. The way you're arranging them looks good... sort of like making rock "teepees."

Generally speaking, a male and female Alto will not get along immediately. I have some couples (confirmed by venting) that pick on each other, even after months in the tank. It'll be best to give them some room to spread out if need be until they hook up.

Good luck. :thumb:
Well I am making progress on this whole setup here. I was at a buddies today to get a colony of the shell dweller multis and left with them and 4 F1 Black Calvus that are only about 1.5 inches right now. Said they are only about 6-7 months old but are looking nice already. The WC parents he had there were really nice looking fish.

Cant wait to get the tank all cycled and stuff for them to go in to there finally home.

Quick question tho, if I house these 2 species together should I introduce the shellies first? the calvus first? or both at the same time?
I missed the part about adding multi's too. I think the tank is a bit tight for 4 calvus and a multi colony.
prov356 said:
I missed the part about adding multi's too. I think the tank is a bit tight for 4 calvus and a multi colony.
Plus one. Some even say the calvus will need a bigger tank to pair up, but then a single pair will do well in a smallish 36" rectangle tank.
They love shells

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I wasn't originally planning online it but might try it and see how it goes. I also am not planning on keeping all 4 calvus. Figured id wait and see if any pair up and the sell off the remaining ones. As for the multis I do have a 10g that they are in now but can't make up my mind on where they will ultimately reside. Was thinking I could try it and always move them back to the ten if it doesn't seem to be working out.

Is this type of thing pretty much a guarantee it will not work out long term?
Is this type of thing pretty much a guarantee it will not work out long term?
If you've got backup tanks, no harm in giving it a try. Stack rocks up at one end and shell bed at the other end. Kind of like you've started, but more and higher.

It'll be incredibly challenging when the calvus mature, but that'll be a while. First hint of multiple males, I'd pull all but one male.

Having said that, I think you'll enjoy the calvus more if you give them more room. I'd do multi's and non-cichlid, upper water fish in this one.

But, if you're like me, you'll want to try it and see for yourself. No harm in that, I've done it often. :wink:
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