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hey i have a 200l tank (see my profile pic)
i currently have in it:

2 oscars
1 parrot
2 convicts
2 large plectostomus
1 yellow cichlid
2 albino cichlids

they are average 7cm each. as i said, my tank is 200L, how many more can i put in it? and what do u suggest?


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Well, I've got some bad news.

200L is 50gallons is it not?

I would put one oscar and possibly 1 pleco and that would be all.

A 55gal is the smallest size tank recommended for 1 oscar. They get big and produce a lot of waste, they are one of the messiest cichlids. 2 will not fully make it in a 55g.

I dont know what yellow and albino cichlids are, but I bet your refering to african cichlids, they wont mix too well with the rest of your south americans, they have different water requirements, long term, either the africans or south americans are going to suffer due to poor conditions.

Your pleco's will get huge, you will not be able to keep 2 in that tank.

Ultimatly, I dont think the convicts and oscars are going to coexist, your looking at a foot long oscar vs. a 6 inch smaller convict....

You cannot add anything to that tank, in fact, over time you will be removing things from it, or they will be killing each other off.

I dont mean to sound mean, or yell at you, I'm just trying to help. The best thing to do is decide what you really want to keep, then decide what you want to do with the tank, and what you can keep with it.
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