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First Hi.

I have kept fish many years but things have changed now. :p

So how many fish in a 75 Gallon?

No heavy lights as of yet.

I am running some tank hoods that came with the tank.

I do have VHO's and Compact lights that I can put in the hood that I made for the tank.

Filtration is Rena x3 and HOB hot Magnum plus I can add another Rena 3 or 2 which I have

Either way back to the question.

Also have a Chiller rated for 180 gallon aquarium so no problem there.

A Co2 setup but would rather not run it on this here.

Thinking of Angles and maybe Rams together and some cories which if I remember were always picked on by the Angles

Any suggestions accepted.

This tank is about 7 years old used to be a reef tank hence my name. :thumb:


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hmm if i remember correctly the tank is 18 wide by 4 feet right??
well u could do a pair of angels or go with 8 tell they get maybe 9 inches tall and 7 inches long then slim the stock to a pair of angels. have one for my 29.
now rams. i have one for my 29 gallon and there awsome. u could do 2 pairs but make there caves on 2 different sides of the tank...
i have 2 right now in my 29 but eventualy upgradeing the corys to a group of 8 but dont have the time or money right now and there doing fine.. so u can have a group of corys depending on species up to 15..
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