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How low can I drain the water?

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Hey everyone,

I'm going to move my tank off the wall a couple more inches.

How low can I drain my tank while at the same time keeping the fish in it?

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If you are simply doing temporarily to move the tank away from the wall and then putting the water back, you can remove most of it. As long as they are covered by water, the fish will be fine.
When I moved my 55g across the room I went down to 1" of water above the substrate. Like the previous poster said as long as they are covered by the water and your filter media stays wet your fine.
& once there is only an inch of water the fish are so easy to catch it wouldn't take much more to bucket the fish & empty it completely.
Just be careful you don't pick up the tank off the stand with 1" water, substrate and rocks in there. With any weight in the tank, the frame must be supported by something absolutely level like the stand.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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