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How do I safely ship a very large cichlid?

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Hello, I have a 9-10" long Nimbochromis Fuscotaeniatus that I may have to ship cross country. This fish is large and aggressive, so I'm concerned about bag damage and swim room. Does anyone have any idea how to best ship him? Also, what supplies should I get and are they available at most LFSs?

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I've seen the fish shipments in some of the lfs come in, and for the big fish they have them in a Styrofoam box ( lined with fish bag plastic, or a garbage bag) and have that box pack into the cardboard box. One time when i was in they got a shipment of a larger cichlid and there were strips of black plastic in the water to keep the fish calm. I'm sure any fish distributors in your area would be able to give you some better pointers!

Here's an article on transporting fish. Your local shop is probably a good source for supplies and 'how-to' advice. They would have used boxes that they receive fish in, and certainly would have a few bags they could part with. Finding a shipper would be the next challenge. You typically have to apply for 'known shipper' status with the air cargo companies. Otherwise, you're looking at the Fedex's, etc, and they have rules and restrictions regarding fish shipments.
The LFS by me do not sell shipping supplies, not even bags. But there are other vendors that specialize in this.
Thanks for the help so far, guys!
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