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How do I post Pics?

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I want to post my pics on the site for people to see. I have yet to figure out how to do this and have simply been posting links to my flickr account. I know I need to use the Img above, but then what? Do I simply insert the link after? Could anyone help me with some pretty basic directions? (I am good with technology, but not the lingo)

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OK... I am a little confused. I looked under the discussion section at announcements and there are only 2 of them.... LOL, I am thinking I am not looking in the correct spot????

There is some sort of ironic humor... I said above I am pretty good with technology and I can't even find the post to tell me how to do it.... LOL
Here is how you post a pic. You need the URL of the photo which will usually end in .jpg
you can get the URL of the photo by right clicking on it and clicking properties (winxp anyway)

It appears under Address (URL):

The Address (URL) of the fish at the top of this forum is ... eader4.jpg

so to post the pic you would use
which would result in

With some photo hosting services, when you right click on the photo it will have extra characters at the end of the URL for example ... ng.com2341

If this happens, delete everything after .jpg

The biggest rookie mistake is trying to post a URL like
C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Pictures\fish01.jpg

Although your computer may be on the internet, your hard drive is not actually part of the internet.
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iturnrocks, thank you sooo much!

It worked as you can see... BTW, that is my little (1 3/4 inches) perlmutt.. isn't he cute?
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