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I would love to have one or two of these beauties but I'm concerned about breeding, which I don't want to deal with. Can I keep one Cac, or is that cruel? Can I keep two males peacefully/happily? Or if they need to be male/female mixed to be happy, how likely will they be to breed in my tank? I've been searching for weeks for this information so anything you have is gold.

37 Gallon Bowfront
30 inches long, 19 inches tall, 14 inches deep
submersible heater at 77-80 degrees F.
densely planted artificial greenery
will add appropriate number of caves
black 3/8" substrate
heavy filtration -- 1 Penguin 200, 1 Penguin 150, extra charcoal in each

Water Parameters
pH 8.0-8.2 Our local water has high pH, local Cac's are raised in it
Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 10 ppm
25% water change once every 7-10 days

6 male Guppies
3 Black Neon Tetras (remainder of school, not restocking)
4 Zebra Danio (remainder of school, may replenish school with 1-2 more)
1 female Betta
1 female Dwarf Rainbowfish

Would like to add a Cacatuoide as my centerpiece fish and stop there if it seems right, or possibly add 5-6 Cardinals. If I should get more than 1 Cacatuoide and skip the Cardinals, how many is the minimum and can I do it such that they won't be likely to breed? My priority is to provide a reasonably humane environment with the fish's well-being in mind. If it's cruel to prohibit them from breeding, say so.

Thank you very much for your time!

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There should be no problem adding a single male cacatoides to the mix. Generally they make good aquarium residents. Depending on the individual fish it maty be the boss of the tank or it may just ignore many of the other fish. Without a female or another male they are normally not too agressive.


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A single male would probably do quite well in your tank...

I've always heard that the farther we take a species from their natural parameters, the less likely they are to breed. My Apistos breed like bunnies at a PH of 6.0, so if the rumor holds true a pair may not breed in your 8~8.2 PH water... but no promises on that one...
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