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How can i do a big cichlid Pond

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I need some info on how i can make a big cichlid pond in my backyard.. thanks in advance..
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hey man.
how big you talkin?
the average cichlid pond, like a 300 gallon rubbermaid container? or 150 gallon container?
or a dug pond, like a pond you dig out, like people have in their gardens with the waterfalls, and koi in them?
hey bro.. me and my dad were thinking like having a koi pond but instead of koi cichlids.. my idea so if mosquitos lay larvae they eat them.. but we were thinking around 300-500 gallon.. inside of the earth of course..
well, you can definately get info here, and over google.
but, you'd plan it all out, the depth, length,and width.
findout where you want it.dig the earth out.put your pond liner in, after making sure, the earth ain't gonna cave in.set heavy rocks on the liner.put gravel,or your choice of substrate in, if you want any, and you kind of set it up like a fish tank.
rlly.. do i put a fish tank in the earth? or what thats the part i get messed up in and the filter.. how do i keep it clean.. i know where i want it i just gotta get the fish holder..
Ofcourse, you need to read,and ask questions and gather more information.
Get filter(s), pump(s), UV sterilizer, rocks, water, decorations, cycle it, put your stuff in it.
Test it, heat it,or cool it.
Is it gonna be in direct sun?
you get a container like the one in this picture, on this website.

You, then, after reading up, get a pond filter, put in in middle of pond, or set it up, as directed, or where wished to be.
Although, above ground is a bit easier to do.
why not just dig a whole and put some thick plastic down?
but how can i dig it up in the ground.. thats for on surface.. on surface to me looks ugly..
You get the pond/container, measure it, and dig dig dig, a hole, that is atleast 2 inches on eitherside larger than intended.for a 48 inch pond, you should dig a 50-52 inch hole, so you have room to spare, and just in case.
oh cool do i need to have that kind of tub? or can i go to the store.. get a bigger one thats rubbermaid ... and now my question is ? how do i get the pool filter in there? cause i wanna have like a little relaxing little botanical garden in my backyard next to the pool with chairs and flowers and stuff.. so everything has to look natural man im a picky guy..
you do something like this, that goes IN the pond, but then you have to run wires for electrical to, so remember extension cords and all that. ... 4+C50.aspx
more filters, that can be used, IN the pond ... 7+C50.aspx ... 2+C50.aspx ... 0+C50.aspx

thisis a kind of filter, you would set in a dug hole beside the pond, plumb up to it, and it filters the water, and then waterfalls it back to your pond ... 0+C50.aspx

in pond again ... 2+C50.aspx

nowyou can do the in pond filter, and use decorations/rocks around to kind of hide it,
but, with the inpond, you can hook it all up, and makea waterfal in the middle of the pond, or take and plumb everything through a pipe/hose, and build a stack of rocks, kind of like a waterfall, and have the pipe/hose, hidden in there,and hooked up,where water flows, out onto a rock, that is over the pond, and in to the pond, or build a waterfall, fountain type set up from there....but, either way.
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wow yea ok now.. one more thing.. how do u put lights in there.. or is that too much.. i was thinking.. getting a piece of acrylic cutting a little pice of it out and having to run electricity underground.. so at night we can see.. man this is gonna take a while with me and my dad.. :(
take a look here

look at pages, 1 and 2. see what you ain't gonna be a very cheap thig to do.

oh,to save some money/depending on/ you can get a filter like pressurized, or with a UV sterilizer built into it....
quik ?
You don't have cats, or other aimals around that can get in your yard and things do you?
you will probably need something like a screen kindof top to protect your fish against, birds, animals/predators. etc.....

you could always put your green terror in the pond..... :roll: :wink: :D
Yea thats why i told my dad that! i can keep him let him grow big.... and no no cats only 2 dogs but they live inside.. they are small and like to go outside only to do there peepee and caca and thats it.. their hair is too nice.. but yea ima get a cover like a screen to put in at night.. just in case a cat comes by or a dum pigeon.. we live in a neighborhood where there are no cat but once in a while they come.. ima set a trap with my bb gun.. so if a cat triggers the security BAM! so yea ima have to do that ima start tomorow..
sounds like fun...
but,yeah, you should talk to your dad, andtalk to all us fish geeks, and stay here with us, and we can helpyou plan it all out. :thumb: :wink:
yup.. i just cant wait ima go to Home Depot in like an hour.. i wanna window shop to see what i need .. i was thinking also.. about havine a waterfall.. but naw.. might hurt the fish..
hmmm....not really.You just get agoodlooking stone such asslate, or somered lava rock,stack it up good, and pump the water from thepond, through a line/tube/hose to the rocks, and, have a slab of slate set 2-6 inches out over the pond,say an inch offthe water, and hide the lieunderthe rocks, and let the water runout on this, and flow into the pond.Or you could do the fountain thing in the middle, .....i had 1, and they look good.
Yea like that kinda looking like its sliding down the rocks.. man good idea.. now i gotta go to a quarry or something.. and should i put gravel in the tub? or no
it all really depends on whether you think you'll like it...?
And, if you, it'll be like a regular tank, and you'll have to get a cleaner like this one to clean it every now and then ... 0+C53.aspx

or you can do sand, it'll just be a challenge to clean it :D
A plain bottom is fine though..if you like...
you could eventake flat pieces of slate,and put onthe bottom of the pond,for say 1 side, and leave the other half bare... ?
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