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How "big" should a Chocolate Cichlid be before....

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...being introduced to the "big" tank with two 6" male severums?

Right now the little chocolate is perhaps an inch long, being treated in our quarantine tank for what we presume is velvet disease. Got him free from our LFS for just that reason. Assuming he survives, and after additional quarantine, should I wait for him/her to grow a bit more?... or will the severums "let it be" at such a tiny size?

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It really depends on how territorial your Sevrums are. I personally feel that Your chocolate should be just fine. You can provide some insurance for him by making a coulple of hiding spots in your tank that the larger sevrums can't get to.
Hey RyanR, how BIG is your "big" tank?
Thanks, guys!

The "big" tank is a 75 US gallon.... admittedly not quite big enough for these guys over the long haul. The chocolate was kind of an unexpected, impulsive rescue mission from our LFS, as all of its tankmates had died, and I guess they were just going to let this guy go as well... :-?

One of our male severums is fairly territorial, the other could care less. The plan is to get another 75g tank soon, so that it will be just one severum and the chocolate.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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