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hot water

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:eek: I GOT HOME from work at 11 pm central the acs power strip turned off and the water got really hot, now my gold occies are acting really weird like if their blind they eat but after making circles around the food and they refuse to leave the bottom. usually they hover when i get home and they are hardly breathing. filtration is a magnum 350 and an emperor 400 oh tank size is a 55. the malasa cyps in their could care less. what do yall think?? help please
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yeah im sure theres plenty of surface agitation the magnum has a surface skimme to prmote more 02 exchange magnum 350 gph plus 350 for the emperor? the water would some times stay in the mid 80s and the occies could care less qnd i putice and did a water change asap
so what now scrap them or wait
well the occies are back to normal!!! :D well the dominant male and female got moved to their own 10 gal. any hints on getting them paired up?
oh should have mentioned the breeders got moved to their own 10 gallon with an ac in my room. but the thing is that they bred with the water temp at about 84f and now their water is 78 all day long. so how to pair em up?
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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