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hot water

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:eek: I GOT HOME from work at 11 pm central the acs power strip turned off and the water got really hot, now my gold occies are acting really weird like if their blind they eat but after making circles around the food and they refuse to leave the bottom. usually they hover when i get home and they are hardly breathing. filtration is a magnum 350 and an emperor 400 oh tank size is a 55. the malasa cyps in their could care less. what do yall think?? help please
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I have heard that the shellies are sensitive to high temps and lack of oxygen, compared to other tangs. How hot did it get, is it still hot? If it is, make sure to use something to cause more surface agitation like an airstone to get more exchange happening. Yikes!
I have been advised to start being very careful over 84 with occies. I personally have no experience with them at high temps but I have seen similar to what you describe in another tank back in Colorado. Now, I am in Alaska and the heaters work overtime even in the summer.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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