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Hongi fry

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Hi all,

Just got some Hongi first batch. I've caught the mother and she's released the fry in the breeding trap. I've got two questions if anyone can help:

Should I leave the mother in there with them tonight or will she eat them after a while?

What do I feed the babies? I dont have any small food. I feed the adults 2 types of pellets and peas.
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when you say breeding trap is mum in there too?

is the breeding trap attached to the main tank or fry tank?

if it's a net type breeder and attached to the main tank, be careful, add some substrate to the bottom of it so the other fish can't eat the fry through the net!

iv'e put mums straight back to the main tank without any problems.

to feed your fry use a very small amount of your pellets and put between two teaspoons to crush it up.

regards chromedome :thumb:
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yeah, its one of those traps that hangs onto the main tank. mum is in there with them coz i couldnt strip her so i just caught her and put her in there.

It is a net so i might try put some gravel in there to stop the adults getting them.

Thanks for the advice.
i'd get mum back in the main tank before she see's the fry as a snack. :thumb:
also do you have a fry tank?
your going to need to get them out of that net soon to give them a chance to grow,
about 40l (10usg) and do 50 per cent water changes every 2-3 days.
don't forget to cycle it! add some sponge mud to the new media and check your amonia,nitrite,and nitrate readings regularly. :thumb:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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