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Holey Rock bleaching

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I soaked my holey rock in bleach for about 2 days. I've since been rinsing it and soaking it in water for about a week. Than I let it dry out completely for a couple days, than I soaked it in water with about 4xs the amount of Aquasafe for that amount of water. I let it soak in that for about 2 days now. When I take them out I can still just barely smell that they were in bleach. Is it possible to get the entire smell off? Would they be safe to use even with the slight smell since I've been treating them with the dechlorinater?
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If you can smell it, chlorine is present! Soak the rock, and then use a total chlorine test kit to check the water after 48 hours. Use Amquel at twice the required amount to neutralize the chlorine.

Amquel is good, as if any is left, it is neutral, and won't hurt your fish.
I am still soaking my pieces, but when I filled them up for the first time to rinse, I poured a bunch of Prime in there. Seems to have helped, I can't smell any bleach. Still gonna rinse mine a couple more times though.
Thanks, I still have them soaking than. I think were I went wrong was I used to much bleach when I bleached them. I had about 80lbs of rock in a rubbermaid tub with 2 gallons of bleach and a few buckets of water to fill it up. I think I would have been better off with just 1 gallon
If you're still worried, just let them dry out completely to remove any chlorine. dechlorinator should take care of it though.
I used 2 gallons for over 200lbs. Two ice chests, a 13 gallon trashcan, and two 5 gallon buckets.
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