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Looks like the lower bottom of her mouth is distended. Especially since she looks different then the others.

Here are some pics


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Definitely holding.
Thanks for the quick replies. I was suspecting that to be the case. I was watching the male display for a day to her.

Just was not sure if she was old enough. This will be her first spawn and hold.

Should I move her to a separate tank to make it easier on her now or when she held longer?
Are there 3 other female labs? Any other species in the tank?

You want to wait at least 7 days including the day she started holding. I usually wait 18 days.
There are 2 other females and just the one male. There are 4 yellow tail Açaí, 4 cherry red zebra 4 Salousi, and 3 Socolofi.
I would not save fry from this tank. Ideally you would let her spit this batch and remove the cherry red zebras before they spawn again. Or isolate the yellow labs in a different tank and save the next spawn.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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