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Holding tank size

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Alrighty so i came home tonight to find my Aulonocara stuartgranti female holding! I am really suprised for the fact that i only have 1 female to my male, in with various Mbuna and two Haps. Still super excited, She doesnt seem to be harassed too much, but then again she hangs out above the powerhead to avoid being harassed by the male, but she doesnt get bothered in this spot. I do have the intention on moving her to a holding tank so i can save more fry then i would letting them loose in my main tank. I have a 10gallon and a 5gallon laying around, unfortunetly the 10 gallon has like 15 or 20 new born apple snails that were planning on letting them grow up before we put them into the community tank. So all im really left with right now is the 5gallon. My females still relatively small probably about 2inches, would the 5gallon be alright if i need to throw her in that so she can spit out her fry in there?
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why not switch the snails to the 5g then the 10g can be for the mother and fry..
Cause that would be the smart thing to do :wink: Yeah i may have to do that, only thing is though i still have 2 more clutches to hatch and there all so firggen tiny. Theres so many throughout my gravel. Gonna take a while to get em all out.
never dealt with snails before but could u just remove all the gravel and put it into 5g.. i dont have any substrate in my fry tank..
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