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holding..not sure what to do

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I have a m callianos holding, she has been for about 2 weeks now. This is my first time having a fish that is holding so im not sure what to do. She is still in the 75 gal tank with the other fish right now. I know it would most likely be best to move her to another tank, but money is low and I cant get another one right now. I was wondering if I should buy one of those floating plastic breeders to put her in, or just take the chance of letting her spit the fry in the tank and hope they dont get eaten.
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If you can't afford to get another tank just let her spit in the main tank. there will be more babies, once they start breeding, they don't stop.
If your really low on funds, you could always get the breeder if you would like to keep the fry. If you don't care, then let them stay in the main tank. You could get a 10g at walmart for like $30.00 for the kit. Or you can check out for a cheap tank. Have fun! And Congrats!
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