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Holding Fish

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I have a Yellow lab in a 20 gallon by herself, and she has been holding for about 17 days, so I'm thinking this weekend I'll strip her if she doesn't spit. But my question is I have another fish, a yellow tail acei who is holding, should I put her in the 20 gallon as well? For now she is in the tank with everyone else, but I think she should go in the 20, but will the 2 pregnant fish fight?

The Acei has been holding for around 15 days...
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I did this using a divider a while back. I didn't try it without the divider, but they most likely would not enjoy each others company. Probably depends on the amount of shelter you have in there too.
How long could I keep the 2 different species of fry together?
Since they will be so close in age I don't think you will have a problem keeping them together.. Until they outgrow the tank.
I would put the 17 day fish in the maternity tank and wait for the 15 day fish to get to day 18.

Then I would strip them both into the fry tank and return the moms to the show tank.
Alright, well I have the 17 day in the 20, and the 15 day Acei is in a 29 gallon with a few other ( I have a 75 running for upgrade). I will probably strip them this weekend, what should I feed the fry once they are away from their mother?
Even though we are only taking 3 days, I would wait. You don't want yolk sacs unless you have a tumbler. Acei is a big fish that tends to have LOTS of tiny fry.

I'd actually even probably wait until the 17 day fish spits naturally. With any luck she will hold until day 28 and then the acei would be more likely to be fully mature.

You can feed the fry ground up adult food or NLS Grow formula.
Alright, that's what I will do, my 17 day fish (yellow lab) isn't really doing any swimming, she just sits in a decoration all the time, is this natural for her? Or should she be swimming around more freely?

The Acei is chasing the male all around the tank, and has him hiding under the filter...

So I can just crush up the omega pellets that I have and the fry will come up and get them? how big do they have to be before I start feeding them?
Hiding is natural, resting on the bottom is not.

Feed the fry as soon as their yolk sacs are gone. If you wait long enough it will be as soon as they are spit.

First the first 2-3 days they will not know what the food is all about, but keep feeding (and vacuuming). Eventually they will realize and eat the food as it floats by. Mine did not usually come to the top.
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