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Hello all,

I recently had a holding female yellow lab die. I noticed her holding and transferred her to an established 20 gallon tank by herself after about 5 days. I was unfortunately going out of town for the weekend but luckily had someone familiar with fish able to take care of them. I expected her to spit the fry while I was gone so I had brine shrimp all set for when the babies arrived. After about a 5 day stint in the holding tank where she looked to be doing quite well I was notified that she had died. Being the curious person I am I had them save the fish in a plastic bag in the refrigerator so I could examine her and hopefully find out the cause of death.

Upon arriving home I did a little autopsy and discovered that rather than multiple individual eggs in the throat area she had one large mass. This mass was reddish orange in color, spherical, and a little smaller than a marble. It was fairly squishy and smooth in texture, basically like one large fish egg. I am wondering if there is anyone that can tell me what this is or what I did wrong? I have had cichlids breed in the past but have never pulled the eggs before they hatched. From what I have researched I understand that they should be individual small eggs, obviously small enough that the fish is able to put them in her mouth. This mass I found was defiantly too large to go in to her mouth or come out.

Thanks in advance if anyone is able to identify what I had go wrong.
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