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Hi is anyone able to confirm if this is hole in the head?
300L tank, 25/30% weekly change.
Prime, stability, Malawi buffer and cichlids salt.

Tank has moved house a months ago, big job.
Didn’t lose anyone although they beat each other up a fair bit in their buckets. Just stopped a two week melafix dosing for fins.
All parameters have stayed consistent and fine.

However this is a new addition since the move. LFS I won’t be going back.
Sunken belly and haven’t seen him eat anything (brine or pellet)in the two weeks I’ve had him.
Spits everything out.
Now seeing this.

Tank was fairly stressed for a while there following the move.


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I would say no.
African Cichlids are not prone to getting HITH/HLLE. Younger ones esp. will have almost no susceptibility to the dreaded condition. Your pictured fish appears to have some mechanical injuries on it's head, that may have been caused by fighting or possibly running into objects in the aquarium.
So, depending on how heavily stocked your 300L aquarium is, you might want to consider testing the water for Nitrate and seeing what the measured level of that stuff is in PPM. Conducting a weekly 25 - 30 percent water change for your aquarium, may not be moving enough water to safely dilute those pollutants out of the system. To explain, higher measured Nitrate levels past 40 PPM in the water may inform a buildup of Phosphates and some pretty nasty bacteria, that can impede your Cichlids ability to heal up from any wounds or damage like yours is showing.
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