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Hey everyone I'm new to the form!
I have enjoyed going through old forms and past post this place is full of amazing knowledge.
I'm super grateful that I have found this site and that have been able to find a lot of useful information as I am new into the hobby of keeping African cichlids specifically Lake Malawi Mbunas.

I have a 55 gallon aquarium running two HOB 350 marine land with sponge and floss. I also have a sponge filter as well. Substrate is Sand and dead reef rock.

I currently have a stock of 5 fish and I'm searching for feedback from what I currently have.
Heres my current stocking I purchased before pouring hours of time and research into the mix.
(All Males)
1x Demasoni
2x Yellow Tail Acei
1x Rusty
1x Red zebra.

I know demasoni should be kept in large groups.
I understand Acei will need a larger aquarium.
I'm wanting to know what everyone's experience or opinions are as far as stocking.
Should I go for an all male tank?
Or should I bring up my current stock with females?
I would like to have some yellow labs and also some socolofi but I'm open to suggestions.
I'm not sure what direction to take this tank as far as stocking goes.

Can anyone weigh in some opinions on what to do next as I would like to add more stock as soon as possible.
My local fish store has some super red top hongi F1s that are very beautiful.

Thanks for any response!

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I have the yellow tail acai's in a 55, they seem to do fine.
I have Rusties too, they are very active, and very active breeeders.
I also have one Demasoni.

You definitely should put some yellow labs in there, I would also suggest Cobalt Blue. The Cobalt Blue males are by far the prettiest fish in my tank.

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Welcome to Cichlid-forum!

If you want that kind of variety go for all male, but all male mbuna is the most challenging tank IMO.

In a 55G with all male go for 8 to 10 fish. No look the extra acei may need to go at some point.

Fish that look nothing alike will have the best chance of living together without killing each others, so a yellow lab would be perfect.

The socolofi and acei and callainos (cobalt blue) look similar so ideally you would choose one.

The demasoni and hongi are blue barred fish and look similar.

It is hard to get 8 or 10 mbuna that look nothing alike because so many are yellow or blue or blue barred.

Personally I would do 1m:4f each of rusties, red zebra and socolofi.

Or 1m>4f of rusties, yellow labs and callainos.
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