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Hey everybody new to cichlid forums ,Topic Baby fry

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Hey ,So one of my blue african cichlids had a large fry in my 150 gallon and i got to catch 4 of them i now have them in a separate 5gallon and i was wondering if they need oxygen ??? Meaning air bubbles ?????
- 2 Frontosas
- 4 Blue Afircan Cichlids
- 2 Oranges
- 2 Yellow Labs
- 2 upside down cat fish
- 2 green spotted puffers
- 2 black convicts
& Everybody is doing just great :thumb:
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something to break the surface of the water, a filter works best (even a sponge filter is good enough).
They need everything the main tank needs, filtration and heater.
Sorry, assumed that :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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