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1 of my mbunas has some strange wound looking thing on the side of the body. It started out redish (picture 1) but it was still lively at that point. Now it is white and the fish is very slow and hides (picture 2)

After extensive googling i cannot find anything like this.
Do you have any knowledge about this?

Another fish died with a simular "wound" on the side (same species) ruled that one as agression because it looked like it came from fin picking but on this one im not sure.

Setup is 30gal with 20 mbunas (i know that that is alot but my VERY experienced store owner said it works fine as they all are juvenile and that i can return them when they get larger, and I will)

Water parameters are all good, fully cycled. Keeping nitrates low atm to see if it helps the fish.


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It is the only disease I know that looks anything like that. Highly lethal and contagious.

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