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Hello all,

English is my third language so im sorry if I upset anyone.

I had a 29g tank for a couple of months and I think its fascinating with cichlids, so I am going to start my third tank which will be a 55g.

Let me start of with telling what I would like with the tank.

1. I like to have as many fishes as possible without overstocking and stressing them
2. I think its fascinating when cichlids breed so I would love to see that happen in my tank (I have a spare tank that i can move the parents or the **** to if needed)
3. I would like to mix regular(?) cichlids with shelldwellers.

And for the tank:
emperor 400
whisper 60
fluval 404
I will have a lot of caves
some plants
and moss

when it comes to species, I have no idea if I should go for malawis, south-american, Tanganyika or what not.

I choose to post my topic here because i got the sense that malawis are the most popular ones?

please help me out :) its appreciated.

what species should I go for? how many? etc...



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If you want to mix with shelldwellers (most of whom are from Tanganyika) then you probably should add other Tangs. Try the Tang forum and the cookie cutters with Tangs and shelldwellers.
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