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Help with new setup

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Hi all,
Hoping to get some help with a new setup i am going to be starting very soon.

I have the tank identified and its likely to be a trigon 190 corner tank.

Trigon 190
Decor: Dark-Wood, Beech or Black
Volume: approx. 190 Litres
Measurements: 99 x 70 x 60 cm, Cabinet Measurements : Measurements: 99 x 70 x 73 cm

Now i am wishing to have a small colony of tropheus in this tank. What i am wondering is what is going to be the best bet and the most entertaining? Also could anyone recomend me stocking numbers? 8 or so?

I am in scotland ( specifically edinburgh).

Any help would be appreciated. Once i get the tank i will start posting photo's for a journal of my setup.
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I wouldn't be able to recommend any Tropheus for that tank. They like length in a tank, at least 4 foot. The smallest sized tank in my opinion would be a 4ft 300L tank. Duboisi are the most forgiving, but corner tanks just aren't for Tropheus IMO.
Others may disagree though....
I agree with Kilroy the tank is too small. You need a four footer at least. But there are many other interesting Tangs you can have in that tank.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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