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Help with Melanochromis cichlid

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Hi All,
Could someone please tell me if this is a M. cyaneorhabdos or M. johannii?
I've seen many pictures that claim to be of both that look exactly like it.
Thanks for the help!
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I see one of the possibilities is Pseudotropheus johannii, not Melanochromis.

First source said it changed from Pseudotropheus to Melanochromis, but it looks like it was actually the other way around.

Thanks again for any ID help!
Genus has changed from Pseudotropheus to Melanochromis back to Pseudotropheus. Will probably change again, similar to Chindongo except for the horitzontal markings.

M. cyaneorhabdos or Maingano start out black and blue as juveniles, so seems most likely. True Johanni start out orange-yellow, then transition from yellowish to black and everywhere in between
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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