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help with jags

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i have a jag who's not that big maybe like 6 inches but hes in a 55 right now yes i kno small i have bigger tanks and am getting a 125 dont worry but he doesnt seem like he used to b, his fins arent all fanned out and he just lazely swims around with his fins tucked to his body is there something wrong with him? is he bored? sick? lonely? hungry? help....
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What are your

and pH levels?

Do you have a picture?

Without that information we can't really help you pinpoint the problem. Just do some extra water changes and answer those questions so we can help you :)

Oh, and are there any other aggressive fish in the tank who may be bullying him?

Again, water changes, water changes, water changes.

Good Luck,
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Clean water with consistent parameters is about the best thing for any fish…

Regular water changes from a consistent source are the best way (I know of) to give them this…

Has anything recently happened that could have disrupted your “beneficial bacteria colonyâ€
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