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Hey guys I’m hoping someone can help tell me what particular cichlids these 2 are or knows of someone who they could maybe put me in touch with on here (if that’s possible)
I was given a few cichlids from an acquaintance and was told they were Hap Brownae but have since been told that would be very rare due to them not being seen here in Australia for a very long time. In the hobby here in Australia we have a common name ‘flameback’ given to the Pundamilia Nyererei and I believe the female is one of them? However the Male is quite different in looks and looks extremely close to a ‘Blue Obliquedens’ yet I can’t find them anywhere online in Australia. Could this just be some form of hybrid that resembles that species?
I’d really like to know because they were given to me as a future breeding stock and did come with quite a few fry.
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I look forward to your comments.
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