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I have a large male acei in a 55 gallon tank with many of his offspring, a slightly more dominant male acei that is somehow smaller than him, and a lone red zebra (tank boss). Many of the juvenile acei seem slightly overweight in my opinion, while the large male acei is emaciated. I do not have an extra tank for him that he can comfortably live in (all of them are too small-5 gallon and 10 gallon with teeny fry). I think that I might divide the 55 using some egg crate light diffuser into something like 1/3 and 2/3, and either isolate him, or keep him with some of his offspring and just feed him a lot. Is this a good idea? Also I've been treating him with metroplex for a couple of days just in case he had parasites, but his poop (I rarely see him poop) is healthy looking. He eats very well, but he is just outcompeted with the vigor of the juveniles. Whenever I feed seaweed, I hand feed a generous portion to him just so he can get more, but whenever the juvies steal it from his mouth, he barely puts up a fight. If he grabs the piece and swims behind the valisneria wall, he eats it all in peace, but he rarely does that before the juvies steal it.

If dividing the tank is a bad idea, what do you recommend to fatten him up? If I should isolate him using a tank divider, what should I feed him and how long should I keep the tank divided? I'm not sure I can fatten him up by simply feeding more without severely overfeeding the juvies. I think he lost his dominant spot among the acei because he is so skinny.
Tank parameters:
ph: 7.9ish
GH: 100ppm
kH: 100ppm
ammonia: 0
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: 10-20

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Acei are not the best idea in a 55G even if healthy and even with one male. I would rehome the healthy male and the emaciated male should fatten up without the competition.

Also why not move some of the juveniles into the 5G tanks? Like 3 in each for a while? Why are you keeping teeny fry when you already have too many and too large fish for the tanks you have?
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