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help with eheim 2217

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i am setting up a 75 and i have my filtration. i have an ac 110 which is not a problem. *** been running ac for a while and theyre easy.

however, i have never used a canister before and the eheim is very confusing to me. the directions arent great either. can anyone out there give me some advice or just basic information on how to go about getting it started? i know this is kind of a large request, i just dont want to do something wrong and break it or kill the fish.

one big question is about the media. everything they included is in big ziploc bags in the filter. i was under the impression it was supposed to go into baskets that lowered down into the filter. where do i put all the media? just throw it in there? how do i get it out to rinse it?

anyone who can throw some knowledge my way, i would appreciate it. any big no -nos as far as what not to do? i know eventually i will figure the thing out, i just dont want to learn things the hard way if i dont have to.
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once i realised the the cansiter was just a bucket that received syphoned water from the tank ..and the impeller just pumped it back again.....

well thats all you need to know.

i only wished the germans just said this in the instructions...

would have saved me a heap of time and mouthfulls of god knows what.
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