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help with eheim 2217

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i am setting up a 75 and i have my filtration. i have an ac 110 which is not a problem. *** been running ac for a while and theyre easy.

however, i have never used a canister before and the eheim is very confusing to me. the directions arent great either. can anyone out there give me some advice or just basic information on how to go about getting it started? i know this is kind of a large request, i just dont want to do something wrong and break it or kill the fish.

one big question is about the media. everything they included is in big ziploc bags in the filter. i was under the impression it was supposed to go into baskets that lowered down into the filter. where do i put all the media? just throw it in there? how do i get it out to rinse it?

anyone who can throw some knowledge my way, i would appreciate it. any big no -nos as far as what not to do? i know eventually i will figure the thing out, i just dont want to learn things the hard way if i dont have to.
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First thing you want the tubing on the filter side of the double tap as short as possible, so I size the bottom tube (intake) and the top tube (outflow) so the double tap valves meet together a few inches above the top of the filter. This way I can disconnect and carry the filter away to the sink without a lot of excess tubing dragging around. The tubing from the aquaruim should be sized so they meet equally underneath the stand or cabinet. Now you have both double valves near each other and a few inches away from the filter making it easy to service. I then then color the valve handles with blue (intake) and red (outflow) permanent markers so I can easily see what goes where.

Loadout from bottom to top, green screen feet down, ceramic noodles, blue sponge, Substrat Pro sintered glass beads (cocoa puffs), white pad and finally green screen feet up and then filter top.

To start a siphon: Make sure your canister is empty of most water, if it isn't you will have air issues, connect the outflow double tap and turn off valves. turn off the intake valves but do not connect. Get a bucket, open the valve on the tank side intake, start a siphon on the tank side intake by sucking or with a bulb baster and let the water run into the bucket, when running good shut that valve. Connect the intake double tap. Now you should have both sides connected with all valves closed and a empty of water filter in between. Needless to say both intake and outflow ends must be positioned in the aquarium.

Ok, now open the tank side intake valve and then the filter side intake valve, you should hear water running into filter until the pressure equalizes, then open the filter side outflow valve and finally tank side outflow valve, you should get air burps and see the canister filling with water and finally the outflow tube when all the burping is done you are ready to plug it in. Once it starts filtering good move the canister off axis a few times to burp any air remaining and there you are.

My experience has been that if you try to shorten this by filling the canister with water beforehand you end up with a noisy filter and air problems.

To clean unplug canister close all 4 valves and disconnect double tap. Carry canister to sink, you can turn the intake tube and elbow downwards and allow the water to flow into a bucket to see if you have any little fishes in there. You will need to open the outflow valve to allow air in and be able drain the canister and remove the top.

To clean, Wash the green screens with warm tap water and a brush. white pad I toss or clean under the tap depending on the condition, cocoa puffs get washed with tank water or prepared tap water about the same temperature as the tank water, blue sponge rinse with tap water, this will last nearly forever as will the cocoa puffs and noodles, ceramic noodles I rinse in a colander in the sink.

Tips: a bag for the cocoa puffs will make cleaning much easier, just check online aquarium suppliers for these. The Eheim installation sets 1&2 also make for a nicer and neater setup see here Installation Sets
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The ceramic rings that came with the filter that go at the bottom should not be put in a bag. These grab the big stuff like moss pieces and other junk so the water needs to run directly over them. While they do add some biological filtering they still should be rinsed well when cleaning the filter. They act like a first stage "comb" to remove particulate waste.

Also they should not be confused with other bio rings that are much more porus and are intended as later stage biological filtering.
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