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Help with cycle

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Hello Cichlids Community,
I am very new to starting and maintaining an aquarium, I actually never knew there such a thing as cycling your new tank before introducing fish! I always thought you just had to condition and throw in some QuickStart , and then your good to go....however, the last time I had fish I was 5 years old and I'm sure you could tell! Haha...Well to get to the point , I bought a quick little 10gal setup with some water conditioner , QuickStart & purelive balls....Ran it for few hours then introduced 1 African Peacock Cichlid & 1 Pleco..... 24 hours go by , I do a water change , and add A Convict Cichlid & Albino Pleco, ....After 3-4 hours of adding the new fish on the second day the AfricanPeacock Cichlid I got on the first day is now starting to lose color, tail fin looks as if it's starting to fall, sits on the gravel barley moving....What can I do ?! I definitely don't want him/her to die, any suggestions?

Thank you so much!!! -MrHydroGrown
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Hello DJRansome,
Thank you for the response and polite greetings...After 12+ hours of research I am deciding to keep the convict & 2 Plecos in the 10 Gal for 6-8 weeks (as a quarantine) while I setup and cycle a new 60 or 70 Gal that I am looking into. I have added Seachem Prime to the tank and the convict is doing great with lots of energy. I picked up a master test kit & my results were PH: 8.0-8.1 , Ammonia: 0.25 , Nitrite: 0.50 , Nitrate: 15 ....I checked about 4 hours after adding the Seachem prime. As for the Plecos I got one of the common Plectostomus & an Albino Plectostomus...I know the common's usually get pretty huge, but I do not mind upgrading as needed for them because I have read they grow out to various sizes. Unfortunately, it looks like the convict has been attacking the peacock , so I did take the peacock back to my LFS to get cured & rehabilitated. Fish seem to be okay and fairly happy, last water change was 2 days ago....will be conducting one every 3-5 days , so water parameters can be good but also have bacteria & cycle still building up....any thoughts or suggestions? Hit me with it all! Thank you again , very kind and helpful of you! Really appreciate that brotha
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