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Help with cycle

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Hello Cichlids Community,
I am very new to starting and maintaining an aquarium, I actually never knew there such a thing as cycling your new tank before introducing fish! I always thought you just had to condition and throw in some QuickStart , and then your good to go....however, the last time I had fish I was 5 years old and I'm sure you could tell! Haha...Well to get to the point , I bought a quick little 10gal setup with some water conditioner , QuickStart & purelive balls....Ran it for few hours then introduced 1 African Peacock Cichlid & 1 Pleco..... 24 hours go by , I do a water change , and add A Convict Cichlid & Albino Pleco, ....After 3-4 hours of adding the new fish on the second day the AfricanPeacock Cichlid I got on the first day is now starting to lose color, tail fin looks as if it's starting to fall, sits on the gravel barley moving....What can I do ?! I definitely don't want him/her to die, any suggestions?

Thank you so much!!! -MrHydroGrown
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Ok hold up, you say you have a 10g??? with a peacock cichlid and a pleco???? Ok this is extremely to small of a tank for those fish, for any cichlid! Peacocks need at least a 55 gallon tank or larger for these fish. No cichlid will be able to thrive, or even survive in a tank that small. You need to get a larger tank, possibly 40 - 55 gallon at the least. And if you intend on over stocking for aggression, get at least 600 gph of filtration, 300w heater, ect. In this hobby, don't just go out and buy a tank and some fish and not do your research. I recommend taking the fish back to your LFS and research how to properly take care of these animals.
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