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so i came home from work today and turned on the light to the tank only to find one of my peacocks missing a chunk of her tail. I have 11 fish, a mix of peacocks and a hap from lake malawi and 2 dayglow cichlids from lake victoria in a 55 gallon tank. 3 of my orange peacocks hang out by the filter and heater and they are the only ones that seem to do so. They are all the same color and similar in size with one a bit bigger than the other 2. Why is it that these 3 fish are picked on by everyone else? Is my tank overstocked? understocked? As far as filtration goes I have a penguin 350 biowheel filter and a tetra 60 mechanical filter. I do 2 water changes a week of about 30%. I was not aware of the sex of my fish until some of the males tried mating with them. I have 5 confirmed males and the other 6... well, im not too sure.

Please let me know if there is something wrong with my choice of fish. I bought the dayglows at daves rare aquarium fish in san antonio and im thinking the male dayglow is the aggressor..

3 orange "hybrid peacocks?" 2"-3"
2 "mixed" peacocks 2.5"
2 (1 male, the other female) dayglow cichlids 1"-4"
1 yellow lab
1 male flametail 3.5"
1 male stuartgranti meleri peacock 3.5"
1 male blue ahli hap 2"

orange one with the missing piece of tail

missing piece


male dayglow.. he is the biggest in the tank and the one i suspect of bullying

the other culprit

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You have some multiples in the it possible you have some females by accident?

A tank with mixed genders and not enough females will usually end badly for the female.
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